Slow travel concept - Greece, Finland

Slow travel is my own new travel concept. Here are the main principles of my slow travelling:

- taking your time and getting to know the local way of life

- part of the income from these trips will be given to local environmental projects

- responsible hotels and getting around responsibly

- wellbeing and closeness to local nature

- when travelling in Greece, we can study the alphabet before leaving to journey

- guide who speaks the local language and knows the culture

- sustainability is the key word

If you want to travel with your friend or company according to my concept, I am here to travel with you!

These travels are made originally to Greece and Finland. Travel package in Finland is called "Pure Finland".

Would you like to experience real Finland? Summer nights full of light, clean lakes, relaxing evening with sauna – and clean, fresh Finnish food? Who wouldn´t! This is where your dreams come true. During these beautiful days in Finland you can experience our country at its´ best – in a sustainable way.

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